eCommerce Strategy Consulting Packages

Adaptable Plans Customized to Suit Every Aspiration

For the purpose of clarification, one month contains 4 weeks.

Gold Package

Growth (16 leads per £1)


  • 1,000 leads per week
  • Basic appointment setting guide
  • Script assessment
  • Additional 1,000 at request (£99 per)
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Diamond Package

Reach (23 leads per £1)


  • 3,500 leads per week
  • Basic appointment setting guide
  • Script assessment
  • Additional 1,000 at request (£49 per)
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Ruby Package

Connect (33 leads per £1)


  • 12,500 leads per week
  • Basic appointment setting guide
  • Script assessment
  • Additional 1,000 at request (£24 per)
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Our eCommerce Strategy Consulting Services

At Empoweryze, our clients benefit from a tailor-made approach to eCommerce strategy consulting, encompassing personalized goal-setting, comprehensive analytics, and effective problem-solving. If you're still grappling with the concept of an eCommerce strategy and pondering the need for consultation, rest assured that this investment has the potential to significantly enhance your business's profitability. Our eCommerce strategy consulting services encompass:

During the first stage of our consulting, we meet with the business representative and discuss such points as the modern market, competitors, your personal business goals, and budget. Considering all these factors our consultants make a strategic plan. It will include a step-by-step scheme of how and within what timelines your online store can achieve its goals.The strategic plan that you will get from our team will consist from:

  • Your company's vision & mission;
  • SMART goals that we will set together;
  • A step-by-step action plan with tactics you need to apply to achieve your goals.

When you have such a plan it won't only identify the necessary actions but will be a handy manual that you can share with your coworkers to have the same vision and stick to it.

Creating an effective eCommerce strategy plan is only the first step on which future actions will be based. The most important thing is how you will apply all these steps. In the implementation stage, our team will help you to choose a proper online platform, and fill it with the products. During this process, Empoweryze will estimate your target audience and will base all implementation decisions on it.

When the site is set up the next thing that you need to do is provide your store with ongoing traffic. How can you do so? Here a detailed marketing plan comes on stage. Don't worry if you have never crafted one yourself. Empoweryze is always there for you.

We will provide your store with eCommerce marketing consulting that includes looking deep into the needs of your current customers and deciding how you can attract more of them.

After that, the sales strategy consultant will be able to create a powerful marketing plan that will help to brand your business and choose the best-promoting options.

We at Empoweryze care about your business and want you to achieve top results and be a market leader. That's why during our cooperation process we won't just supply you with a strategy plan, but will also keep track of your results and whether our strategic planning works.

Our team will do regular reports based on the online store performance. Having these reports you will have a clear vision of whether you are moving in the right direction.

During the initial phase of our consulting services, we initiate a comprehensive engagement with your business representative to explore various crucial aspects. This involves an in-depth analysis of the existing market landscape, an evaluation of competitors, a deep dive into your distinct business goals, and a meticulous assessment of your budgetary considerations. Leveraging insights from these factors, our adept consultants craft a comprehensive strategic blueprint. This blueprint provides a detailed and sequential overview of the strategies and anticipated timelines that will steer your online store towards the realization of its objectives. The strategic plan delivered by our team will encompass:

  • Your company's vision & mission
  • KPIs and targets we will help you set
  • An action plan to help you set off on the right foot

Crafting a potent eCommerce strategy plan marks the crucial initial step upon which all subsequent actions will be built. Yet, the true essence lies in the effective execution of these articulated measures. In the implementation phase, our team will offer adept guidance in selecting the ideal online platform and curating a diverse product lineup. Throughout this process, Empoweryze will consistently evaluate your target audience, with all implementation decisions firmly rooted in this assessment.

After your website is up and running, the next critical step is consistently driving traffic to your online store. How is this accomplished? This is where the importance of a well-crafted marketing plan comes into play. If you're new to developing such a plan, there's no need to worry, as Empoweryze is here to assist. Our services encompass comprehensive eCommerce marketing consulting, where we delve into the intricacies of your existing customer base and formulate strategies to expand your reach to a broader audience. Following this, our skilled sales strategy consultants will craft a robust marketing plan. This plan is designed not only to enhance your brand visibility but also to meticulously select the most effective promotional channels for your business.

Empoweryze places paramount importance on ensuring your business thrives and attains a position of market leadership. Therefore, in the course of our partnership, our dedication surpasses the mere delivery of a strategy plan. We vigilantly track your results and the effectiveness of our strategic initiatives. Continuously, our team compiles comprehensive reports based on your online store's performance. Armed with these reports, you will gain a clear view of your progress trajectory and determine whether you are on the path toward your intended destination.

Our eCommerce Strategy Consulting Process

The whole cooperation procedure isn't overcomplicated and is done in five steps:


First meeting

Throughout this engagement, our focus will revolve around an open dialogue that centers on your eCommerce ambitions. Furthermore, we will refine and align these aspirations with your envisioned outcomes.


In-depth market research

Crafting an eCommerce strategy requires a thorough market research effort, a task that we will embark upon following our initial consultation. Post this engagement, you will acquire a deeper understanding of the current market dynamics, gain insights into the preferences of potential customers, and recognize how your online store can adeptly meet these demands. This comprehensive analysis will also unveil a spectrum of opportunities that your eCommerce endeavor can capitalize on to drive its success.


Strategy development

After a meticulous evaluation of all relevant factors, we can proceed to develop a customized strategy that seamlessly aligns with your objectives and budgetary parameters. This tailor-made approach will provide you with a well-defined framework, infusing your efforts with clarity and focus. This framework will act as a guiding light for you and your team as you navigate your tasks.


Planning realization

You can be confident that receiving a comprehensive plan doesn't imply you'll be navigating it solo. The committed team at Empoweryze will be your steadfast companions throughout the entire journey. When the moment arrives to put your plan into action, we will furnish you with a platform that corresponds with your expectations, complete with user-friendly tools. Moreover, we will proactively oversee the performance of your website and collaborate with you to refine it for optimal resonance with your target audience, laying the groundwork for enhanced future conversions.


Adjusting and reporting

Throughout the execution of the strategic plan, we will identify the tools that demonstrate effectiveness and those that may require adjustments. Consistent updates on your eCommerce performance will enable you to recognize even minor successes, enabling swift action to address minor issues before they escalate into substantial challenges.

Benefits of eCommerce Strategy Consulting

The eCommerce strategy plan stands as the foundational pillar for every online store. Without it, nurturing a strong eCommerce brand becomes a notably complex and time-consuming endeavor. By choosing Empoweryze's eCommerce strategy consulting services, you will unlock a plethora of benefits, including:

Your online store will stand out from the other ones

By furnishing personalized strategic and marketing roadmaps, we not only help you achieve sales goals but also contribute to sculpting a distinctive identity for your online store. Even if your products are akin to those offered by various other shops, there remains abundant room to cultivate individuality, and we are steadfast in our commitment to steer you through this process.

Establish long-term customer relation

In tandem with fostering a favorable customer experience, the impact of word-of-mouth reputation gains prominence. Satisfied customers will eagerly share their positive interactions with your online store, emphasizing its convenience, thus drawing new customers to your platform.

Attract new customers

In addition to crafting a positive customer experience, the influence of word-of-mouth reputation takes center stage. Satisfied clients will spread the word about your online store, highlighting its convenience, which in turn attracts new customers.

Increase your sales

The culmination of these benefits, combined with the expansion of your customer base, will result in an increase in your profits. Moreover, an effective eCommerce strategy plan serves as a safeguard against errors and challenges that may arise, thereby averting costly mistakes.