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Cooperation models

Dedicated Team

  • We build a team for your specific project
  • We ensure the professionalism of your dedicated team members
  • You get full control over the workflow
  • You can manage your dedicated team to reach new goals
  • You and your team focus only on the most important tasks

Fixed cost

  • You provide us with the project’s details
  • You set the desired price and milestones
  • We ensure the minimum risk of your project
  • We guarantee that the work will be done within the agreed budget and deadlines
  • You receive the best results

Full development cycle

  • You share your project details with our experts
  • We can provide you with a free consultation
  • We estimate the project costs and milestones
  • We start the work as soon as you confirm our offer
  • You can monitor each stage of the development
  • We test the digital product before the release

Time and material

  • You pay only for direct labour hours at set rates
  • We are ready to meet any requirements and overcome any issues
  • You can change the number of developers and workload

Migrate Your eCommerce Website

  • We analyze your website and prepare for the migration
  • We ensure the flawless workflow and protection of your data
  • We check out your website and fix any possible bugs
  • You get the desired results as soon as possible

Work process


Introducing meeting








Quality Assurance





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We Always Follow the Best Approaches to Ensure Total Satisfaction of Our Clients:

  • Timely delivery of the projects and devotion to our work
  • Responsive and friendly customer support team
  • Close collaboration with our clients and their professionals
  • Focus only on your goals and usage of the most efficient solutions
  • Constant improvement of our technologies and practices

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